2Canz Tropical Imperial IPA

Imagine sitting on a sun-soaked beach in your favorite tropical destination enjoying a cool refreshing beverage. And that beverage should be a 2Canz Tropical IPA from 7 Seas Brewing. A distinctly different brew from a less than tropical area of the country.

Now I know what you may think-A tropical Beer from Washington state? How can that be? The Seattle area is known for its cold weather and rain. Hell, we’re buried under 12-16″ of snow at the moment! What would they know about anything Tropical?!

Short answer is: A LOT.

Building on that the beer is a pale, hazy Imperial IPA that blew me away. I found my 2Canz at a local Total Wine and was immediately captivated by the can art.

Reminiscent of good ol‘ Toucan Sam that we all know from Fruit Loops cereal, the bird stands defiantly in the way of preconceived ideas of where your beer should come from. With his backward cap adding to his attitude, he clearly is challenging you to break outside the bond of the current Winter and Dark Ales that are most popular at this time of the year.

Commanding an array of bold tropical juicy hop qualities and brewed with 2-row malt along with flaked oats and wheat that blend together for an extraordinary smooth silky mouthfeel that boasts a hoppy bevy of some of the freshest dankest hops around.

Available only between January and February this extremely limited release is here for a short time so I’d recommend getting to either of their two taprooms (Tacoma Taproom Link / Gig Harbor Link) or if you’re lucky enough to find some on the shelf grab as much as you can carry to experience the Tropical Wave of Awesome.

Time-Lapse Video
A time-lapse of a can of 2Canz in the Seattle Snowpocalypse of 2019.